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OCI is committed to providing fruit to a range of industries, including the food manufacturer, beverage production and domestic consumption sectors. 

Fruit concentrates remains an area of significant interest and growth and OCI leverages its extensive suppler networks to be able to deliver a breath of  products, globally. 

OCI’s comprehensive understanding and expertise in logistics management means that it is well placed to be able to facilitate the source, sale and considered movement of this produce around the world. It is only through exercising this expertise that the care and safety of this sensitive cargo can be realised.




Vegetables are a huge component of diets globally.


As populations grow, tastes change and consumption generally increases, these critical commodities are essential to the health and wellbeing of populations.


We work with a number of direct produce to meet short and long term demands across a number of georgraphies. 

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Wheat is a predominant food staple, and is robust in its resilience in harsher climates.

 A key advantage of wheat production is the grain can be harvested in a short amount of time, and hence supply can often be more responsive and more immediate.


These factors contribute to the growing demand for the commodity when trading wheat.

OCI is able to support this growing demand and continuing to optimise our supplier chains to deliver this staple commodity.

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Soybean is a commodity with a huge breadth if applications. 


From food for humans, to feed for animals to uses such as biodiesel, OCI works with huge variety of different end users to source products that meet their specific demands,