What is a Procurement Partner?

COVID-19 has demanded that firms take a long hard look at their global supply chain models and assess the vulnerabilities that exist. Doing so has highlighted the ever-increasing role of the ‘procurement partner’ and what it truly means to be a successful collaborator. At this point some might question what a procurement partner is and how can such a term be defined?

A procurement partner is an organisation that handles the supply of goods or services on behalf of its partners for both the short and long term. Supply chain collaboration in particular refers to different firms working together in order to plan and execute supply chain operations. This type of partnership has been known to create mutual benefits for however many parties are involved. Having a procurement partner rather than three separate entities that each manage a stage in the process – sourcing, logistics and finance – brings a wider range of collaboration and customer facilitation.

It is estimated that between 50% and 80% of all supply chain partnerships ultimately fail. This is due to the fact that some businesses are unable to handle the challenges that arise with building inter-organisational synergies. This leads to the question of what businesses can do to ensure that their procurement partnerships prove profitable and efficient for all the parties involved.

A truly great procurement partner is one that knows which aspects make supply chain operations successful and which don't. For example, some partners can advise on the technologies deployed and how to integrate these into supply chain operations while others could advise who to contract for manufacturing and transportation. Each piece of advice given can help an organisation to finance supply chain operations, mitigate risks and bring together all the components in order to streamline the business.

The interconnected nature of business of today means that business leaders have to be wary when choosing their procurement partner. Modern supply chains often resemble a web of connections as opposed to a chain. With several partners involved in a procurement partnership, mutual trust and reliability between parties are key.

Success is guaranteed through the delivery of each partner’s promises which will result in a streamlined business whose operations become almost effortless. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of the relationship between partners is the sharing of a vision for the business which leads to an understanding of what it takes to be successful in a given market with each partner embracing the strategic plans of the entity.

The main characteristics that embody a successful procurement partner are transparent communication, cost optimisation and having similar goals (long term and short term).

A procurement partner must bring the following traits in order to fully assist a business and optimise their supply chain operations:

  • Reliability

  • Value

  • Expertise

  • Problem solving skills

  • Continuous improvement

  • Support

  • Positive attitudes

  • Global reach

  • Strong leadership

Improving performance has become an important objective for supply chains and thus strategies must be adopted in a way that shows the progression of an organisation and continuous improvement. As well as the appropriate strategies, partnership, collaboration and integration have all been identified as key aspects with the first two of these being the most important. The benefit of liaising with other organisations is evident but it does depend on the compatibility of the organisations/partners. It has been argued that the ability to exhibit organisational compatibility depends on the effective partnership and collaboration between the members that make up the relationship.

About OCI

OCI's comprehensive network has continued to connect customers to the ever evolving economy, from every corner of the globe. With an innovative mind and forward thinking vision, we hold our customers and suppliers at the heart of our business, handling any challenge with professionalism and care.

Acting as a partner to corporations alongside SMEs, we strive to create sustained, shared value whilst earning the trust and loyalty of the stakeholders we engage with.

As a global based organisation, we understand and appreciate the importance of reducing environmental impact. We comply fully with relevant legislation and regulations to ensure that we continuously provide a consultative and transparent approach for all our clients across the product life cycle.

Using award winning logistical aptitude, OCI provides its partners with solutions by delivering what they need, where and when they need it. With partners in America, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India and China OCI represents a truly global operation.

This strategy has enabled OCI to accelerate a strong and robust presence in the manufacturing, consumables, healthcare, agricultural and industrial sectors. Providing comprehensive knowledge of commercial markets, alongside a local presence and an ability to control supply, companies can feel safe placing their supply chains in the hands of OCI.

OCI works within three key areas; sourcing, logistics and financing. Through sourcing, products can be delivered in like with specific requirements and specification. The logistics arm of the business provides multimodal logistics from supplier to any designated destination within a time frame. And finally, through financing, OCI offers clients flexible credit to allow cash flow maximisation.