Steel Wire

Magnetically removed during the tyre recycling process and emerging at varying degrees of impurities, OCI are able to ship this material in a containerised form to our global clients.

OCI, if required, has the resources to consolidate supply channels to merge different levels of impurity which can be optimally blended for end-user requirements.

The pricing structure for such a commodity is correlated with that of the scrap index, which is derived from the primary material. This means that this material is exposed to the macro factors that have implications on the steel market but through OCIs dynamic business structure, we can anticipate and react effectively to such adjustments as required.

The applications for such a material are aimed at the steelmaking industry and, despite its range in impurity,  this material can be fully deployed for use in the manufacture of primary metals.


Bead Wire

The purpose of bead wire is to provide strength, durability and rigidity in tyres used by industrial and agricultural vehicles. Thus, it is an extremely durable material and hence is forcibly removed from these heavy-duty tyres using a hydraulic hook mechanism as part of the tyre recycling process.

As a consequence, this material is high in quality, almost completely pure, and can be containerised and delivered directly to end users in order to produce primary metal.

OCI has been shipping this material throughout a range of markets, utilising our knowledge in the steel wire product space.


OCI have also been able to overcome the significant loading and distribution challenges faced when handling this material, using a consultative approach with our suppliers to ensure that the material is handled safely and can be deployed effectively.


Pig Iron

A material produced as a by-product from the steel making process. Considered as scrap, but contains a high level of purity which OCI can test for and deliver to end users.


‘Skimmed’ during steel making, the material can be reprocessed to obtain selected consistent sizing and corresponding chemical compositions for use in end user markets, for e.g. electric arc furnace steel makers.


Because of the natural high variability of this product, OCI outsources independent chemical and particle analysis to assess the chemical makeup of the material across a breadth of sizings, which in turn informs its end application


OCI has been critical in introducing this material to the South Korean market and is committed to exploring this interesting commodity and the opportunities it presents.

Image by Toby Stodart

Primary Aluminium

Primary, or elemental, aluminium is tapped from cells or pots during the electrolytic reduction of aluminium oxide which is produced directly from mined ore. It therefore excludes additives and recycled aluminium and is a purely primary product. 


Billets can be processed further to make bar stock and wire. Billets are used in automotive and aerospace industries, and also for other applications such as packaging and construction. Aluminium billets can be produced out of primary as well as re-melted or secondary aluminium.


OCI specialises in the trade of aluminium and can provide billets and ingots to markets around the world with shipments typically occurring via containerised trade. This enables consistent flows and specific grade material to reach key end user markets in a timely and coordinated fashion.

Image by Francisco Fernandes

Primary Steel

The ‘raw’ form of steel - produced often from scrap - undergoes a breadth of manufacturing processes in order to produce a range of different final end products; billets, rebars and coils, to name a few. Each of these products has its own corresponding uses in the wider industrial markets and OCI supports our clients in order

obtain these sought after materials.


In term, products such as billets can be heated, and then rolled and again re-applied to the specific final purposes across

numerous industries.


OCI are able to provide a range of primary steel based products and at varying levels of quality, different shapes and required quantities. Utilising a global network of stakeholders, including both buyers, suppliers and logistics, OCI can source and deliver on-spec requirements.

Image by Matt Seymour

Copper (Primary/Cathode)

Copper cathode is the primary raw material input for the production of copper rod for the wire and cable industry. Copper is also used in the production of brass, tubing, sheet products and is found in over 450 alloys.


The cathode is the basic product of copper production. It is produced when pure copper separates from unwrought copper in an electrolytic refining process. OCI can provide copper rods in various dimensions, covering the individual needs of our buyers. 


Given the significance of this material in global markets, it is often subject to wider macroeconomic, geopolitical and legislative variables which can distort pricing from arguably its ‘true’ fundamental price point. Utilising OCI’s depth of knowledge in the market, coupled with observing the long term trends in both demand and supply, we are able to reactively meet the requirements of our clients.