As an extension of our operations in rubber, we have developed outlets for every component that is produced during the pyrolysis process, specifically the oil component. From tyres comes a valuable fuel with a calorific value comparable to crude and similarly capable of powering factories, mills and kilns. This is a fairly new technology that is on the cusp of expansion and OCI has positioned itself with a strong foothold in the market.
Additionally, coal oil is a further development of our coal business. Obtained from the destructive distillation of coal, it provides a closely comparable chemical compound to that of kerosene and a by-product similar to diesel, both of which are used frequently in industry around the world.
Metal Tubes

50,000MT of material shipped each year

Commodities fuel the global industrial markets, they are critical for international trade - That is why OCI source, supply and ship where others can't. 

Oil Products Traded:




OCI has a strong handle within the ferrous metal recycling market with steel being our primary product. Steel emerges from a variety of sources; including the rubber products that we work with, to more obvious sources like recycled cars or even as niche as shipbreaking.
We operate under the ISRI guidelines to ensure our products pass stringent quality testing meaning OCI’s materials reach our clients’ mills on time and to the correct specification.