OCI partners with entities by linking directly into their supply chain and designing solutions that offer the ability to unlock their true potential.

With working capital cycles currently at their longest ever, OCI formulates intelligent approaches to ease the financial constraints now faced by supply chains.

Using its award-winning logistical aptitude, OCI provides its partners with logistical answers by delivering what they need, where they need it and when they need it.

This strategy has enabled OCI to accelerate its strong and robust presence in the manufacturing, consumables, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

OCI has supply chain partners in major markets such as; America, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India and China. With more than 10 years multidisciplinary experience, OCI’s position in the market is geared to ensure consistently competitive prices in tandem with streamlined and efficient transactions.

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OCI's comprehensive network has continued to connect customers to the ever evolving economy, from every corner of the globe. With an innovative mind and forward thinking vision, we hold our customers and suppliers at the heart of our business, handling any challenge with professionalism and care.   


Acting as a partner to corporations alongside SMEs, we strive to create sustained, shared value whilst earning the trust and loyalty of the stakeholders we engage with.


As a global based organisation, we understand and appreciate the importance of reducing environmental impact. We comply fully with relevant legislation and regulations to ensure that we continuously provide a consultative and transparent approach for all our clients across the product life cycle. 


Sourcing Materials

OCI is a leading, independent supply chain partner specialising in the manufacturing, consumables, healthcare, agricultural and industrial sectors. 


OCI provides a comprehensive knowledge of commercial markets alongside a local presence and an ability to control supplies.


Trading with the Americas, EMEA, Asia and Africa - with more than 10 years multidisciplinary experience - OCI’s position in the market ensures dynamic solutions and smooth transactions.



OCI specialises in collecting, loading and transporting cargos from locations that are hard to reach and ensuring on schedule delivery. 

OCI’s logistics team has a fundamental understanding of what its clientele require and keeps their interests at the forefront of operations.


OCI has developed a global network of 56 logistical partnerships across five continents. This means OCI can coordinate and closely monitor cargo from start to finish, enabling it to offer an enhanced logistical service.

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Flexible Credit

OCI’s diversified supply chain financing strategy allows it to unlock broad funding solutions for all its affiliates.


Its scale and structure protects businesses from industry shocks and operates a judicious approach to risk management, even in the most volatile markets. 

Using bespoke credit solutions, OCI ensures that suppliers and customers are faced with zero risk in their financial transactions, in a format which relieves working capital constraints.


OCI is revolutionising working capital requirements for its supply chain partners.


"OCI partners with companies throughout the supply chain, understands their requirements and engineers logistical and flexible credit solutions to alleviate commercial constraints. This strategy is optimised to deliver substantial financial performance advantages to our partners."

Oliver Chapman


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